(my Mom (Bibi means Grandma) and sister Katy are here)!! They made it safe with all their crazy luggage in tow (mostly goodies for us:). Despite having a tortuously difficult time getting our family to Dar to meet my family….too may details to divulge here and I am tired but it involved Jason taking Anni on the ferry to save money, then taking the dala-dala to pick up the car, Anni having meltdown after meltdown due to having no naps and being sick, my flight being postponed twice and then rescheduled for 9:30pm (after sitting and puking in a bowl at the airport here for 3 hours:), Jason’s cell phone choosing that hour to completely break thus not allowing me to communicate to him to NOT drive all the way to the airport 3 hours early with crabby Annikah to pick my up, Jason waiting until my sister and Mom got in and then I FINALLY made it after everyone else. Alas, we survived! And they are here and I am feeling a bit better, at least able to keep a little bit more down the last two days. I am even peeing (I know exciting!) Here are some pics of the first day….

Bibi & Anni played all morning at the doctor’s office our first day in Dar. Although I did lose another 2 1/2 pounds this week my blood and urine tests looked a bit better. We were told we could wait and monitor this week and see how I feel and if I can eat enough to stop the weight loss. Again, thanks to everyone for emails, calls, thoughts, & prayers!!

lunch out at our favorite “Western” restaurant in Dar…I ate more that day that I have in 3 weeks…seeing family does one good! Anni is ridiculously happy to have Katy & Bibi here!

Busy day in Dar before heading to the island
Us & all our stuff FINALLY made it to the island, we came in a 12-seater plane that we were afraid might end up in the ocean with all this luggage! We prayed…a lot!

Anni=one ridiculously happy little girl now that Bibi & Auntie Katy
are here to play, read, and spoil

my new running shoes (although working out is a distant memory at this point
I have hopes that one day I will be able to run again šŸ™‚
Jason and I took turns smelling everything (clothes, shoes, anything packaged) because it smelled like America!!
just some of the mounds of goodies we unpacked!! My mom might be running around the island naked but we got three suitcases full of fun stuff!! Did I mention my Mom & sister are rock stars!
one of Anni’s fav Bibi gifts
(Can you believe she got this in a resale shop and it folded down to fit into a suitcase?),
a doll bed complete with “wadudu (bug)” nets to keep Anni’s baby safe from malaria
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi!! We are so gutted to not meet your lovely mum and sister. SO glad that you might be feeling a tiny bit better – you are an inspiration. Love you loads Julie, Alex and Joshua

  2. Anonymous says:

    so cool. I especially liked the bugnets on the doll bed. Public Health for dolls, now that is a field that doesn't get a lot of recognition. Anni, you are a pioneer!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You all look so happy!! Maybe you'll discover that you were just suffering from homesickness for your family! Enjoy your time together, and GET BETTER! We want to come visit you there, too!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It was so good to read this update of you two and your family! So glad your family made it safely. Along with Anni, you sound happy. Pr aying for you both!Love,Leah and Kevin

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love the smelling of new “American things.” Funny. So glad you are with family and enjoying yourselves! Have fun and keep eating, Roxanne!

  6. Anonymous says:

    yay! its so nice to see all those smiling faces! your mom and sis look great =) i'm glad they are there to hang out and help out.love you! praying lots!xox

  7. Anonymous says:

    Rox- I am so glad you have your family there to distract you from being so ill and to help you and Jason with Anni! We are still all praying for your improved health. What a crazy and colorful subplot the HG story will make in your life one day, when you have the luxury of perspective. the strength and grace all of you have shown is awesome…Love you, and thinking of you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I will be praying for time with your family. May the food and comfort items they brought be helpful in getting a bit better! BIg hugs to all. We love you so much!Kim