I would be suffering from serious blogger’s guilt if I could not blame power outages for the past 2 days; at least in part, for my lack of communication. Despite that I must also admit that I have been a slacker and although I have many blog-worthy stories to share (not that there is a high standard for this blog:) I have been busy and exhausted. As soon as someone invents a USB port for my cerebrum (at least I think that is where memory is stored, oh High School health don’t fail me now)I will post more…I promise. For now here is some recent life in pics….

the rains are here, it rained on and off for about 30 hours last weekend

….and I left the window of the car open…Pole!

an early morning delivery at our house via cow cart had Anni & Zawadi very excited!

Anni always finds time to relax
  1. Anonymous says:

    I also got her a princess umbrella and rain coat today. Too bad it didn’t get in the box I mailed yesterday. It looks like she could use them now. Love her hangin’ in the hammock.

  2. Anonymous says:

    you’ve had weather just like us the last week or so!