On Sunday morning we had an impromptu Easter celebration of sorts with our team mates here. And thanks to 2 amazing Roger’s Park Mamas back in the Chi we picked up a package on Thursday (perfect timing may I add because the post office was closed Friday and will be until Tuesday). It was perfect because inside was an Easter egg dying kit!! WOOHOO! Anni was so excited and she kept asking “Mama, when me make those eggs?” We dyed them early Friday since I knew Saturday promised to be nuts (it delivered too!). Anni worked diligently and with much concentration. The egg dying kit coupled with some other special Easter present my mom sent (thanks everyone!) made for some special Easter fun!

Here is Anni bordering on artistic greatness…

oh, the concentration of it all

how cute is a chubby lil hand pointing out her finished masterpieces?

Yep, Annikah loves coloring the eggs. Thanks!

On Sunday morning (still with no furniture in our front room…I am too tired to deal with it yet..) we packed up some fun Easter goodies to share and headed over to our team mates place for some singing, reading the Easter story, and hanging out. Of course followed by lunch. I put a little of the Easter footage together into a short video below. I love the girls all dancing. Freely. This is the kind of church I want to go to all the time. Kids free to dance, shout, and sing and families together sharing time, food, and laughter. Good times. After “church” we had an Easter egg hunt. Note to self: American dye is not made to withstand insane heat and will melt off said eggs. No worries though, the girls seemed undeterred from their quest! All the eggs were found, dropped, shared, and placed inside crumbled little brown bags within 10 minutes.

the girls show off their loot!

It was fun and refreshing to have a bit of “home” and to share this day with our team. Maybe I will even mop and get the furniture back in our house soon…..hey, I said maybe…

I am wearing the dress a friend brought to our house as a Pasaka present…So thoughtful of her. I proudly donned it to celebrate Easter!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Tooooooo cute! What great art work. Love the bunny ears on you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Rox, looks like you had a great Easter! I stole Kate and Juli this holiday at Kijabe. Pics TBA soon. Peace girl!

  3. Anonymous says:

    that dress is fantastic. i love the print.