Our island is not that small but some days it feels pretty lil. I guess that is why we try to get out of our house and see as much as possible on the weekends. On Saturday we joined some of our team members and rented a small boat to explore another even smaller island. We are trying to get out and see as much as we can before our family comes so we know how to show them a good time. Plus, I think it is a definite sin to live in a place as beautiful as here and NOT see all there is to see. After a 30 minute boat ride we made it to the island. Long ago it was used as a quarantine area for anyone who may have been thought to be sick before coming here. There is a prison that has been renovated for tourists to tour and a sanctuary for huge tortoises. There is also a very costly and exclusive hotel on the island, at least we heard there is (we were not allowed to even set foot on the property). Annikah and her friends loved feeding the turtles mchicha (local spinach) and; as Anni quickly pointed out, they ate it “kama mimi” (like me). True. This kid loves mchicha and I bet she could eat one of those big dudes under the table. After seeing the turtles we spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach. Paula and I got some sun and wrangled the 4 kiddos while the man folk did some snorkeling and scuba diving. We all got to do some swimming and got more than enough sun to be completely exhausted by 4pm. It was another fabulous adventure shared with friends!

our little boat… although there was a bit of water in the hull it made it just fine.

Anni & the tortoise..both love their mchicha

getting our tan on

Papa found a starfish while scuba diving and brought it back to show the girls


  1. Anonymous says:

    The water and beach are beautiful! However, me in a swim suit will look more like the giant turtles. I’ll also pass on the 5 am run, and sleep in with Jason. Katy, however, is following in her big sis’s footsteps. She is doing her first 5 K this Sat. Only while practicing, she had to run in pouring down freezing rain yesterday, and today we had SNOW! So much for Global Warming!

  2. Anonymous says:

    those tortugas are AWESOME!!!