We got to open 2 packages this week!! Yippeee!! One had a new swimming suit for me (yeah, thanks Mom, especially considering the one I brought is virtually see through at this point). The other had all the necessary items to make a chalkboard sans the wood of course(thanks Jamie!). I painted a wood board this week and Annikah and her friends LOVE coloring things outside. They always have onlookers that chuckle especially when Miss Anni Joy weaves an epic tale of “this is Mama, then the mchicha (spinach) is there and the the snake come and want to bite” of course followed by dramatic yelling “AHHHH, Mama better run away.” The stories this kid comes up with! Of course always made more hilarious by the half English and half Kiswahili.

Annikah does not always draw me in the most flattering ways. Here is my fat head….at least I am getting some hair……and so far no real snake bites. Yeah for creative and fun gifts!
  1. Anonymous says:

    What a little drama queen storyteller she is becoming. Just like her Mama directing all the kids in the neighborhood in a play. Can’t imagine where she gets it from?????

  2. Anonymous says:

    sooooo cute! i’m glad that the snake attacks are pure works of fiction =)