Our team is still working hard on the school and our team leader has recruited a team of fundis (local experts) that build each day of the week (we are really happy one of our friends was able to get work and has even gotten a raise because he is a great worker! We had no doubts as we built with him in the village when we were here 5 years ago). This week we decided to crash in and get our hands dirty laying some bricks, really big bricks. We did not initially build with the team of fundis because we did not want to make any cultural fop’as but after some discussion we decided it was ok for us to help out and follow their lead. I must say I loved it. Usually my job is to bring chai and mandazi (local doughnuts) for a tea time on Fridays and take pictures of the progress (for communication with those funding the school, grants,etc). Although I enjoy stopping by and asking how the work is going it felt good to actually get dirty and do some “man’s work.” Even if I had to wear a skirt to do it. And even if Paula and I were a bit slower than the fundis. There is a Kiswahili saying “haraka, haraka haina baraka” (fast, fast there is no blessing) so we we just being culturally relevant, right?:) While we we there on Thursday a coconut tree that may pose a problem in the future had to come down and it was fun to watch the action (see video). Jason hit the site Friday to sweat it up building walls and we hope to be able to help more after we finish a 2 week intermediate language course that begins Monday (ridiculous story on that to come). We are working hard to try to get walls up before the rainy season hits later this month so there is plenty of work to be done. It is going up! Woohoo!!

girls who lay brick rock!!

learning how to use a local plumb bob

Jason and some fundis on the site

chai time, Jason led a prayer for safety on the work site….

(very important especially when everyone wear flip flops)

the progress since last picture


  1. Anonymous says:

    you go girl! šŸ™‚

  2. Anonymous says:

    Manual labor in 90+ heat/humidity?? That’s something to be proud of! It’s great to see the progress.

  3. Anonymous says:

    no! no lean!! tofali tofali tofali, udungo udungo udungo =)i’m sure i’m not spelling those correctly, but oh, i remember the fundis yelling at me to stop leaning against the precarious and precious new walls!i’m sure it all came back to you, it’s like riding a bike, right? great progress rox!