So I am finally getting around to posting about our amazing trip to the animal orphanage while in Kenya. My motivation for going was that I absolutely refuse to allow a child who lives in Africa for 2 years to NEVER see any animals. Since lizards and monkeys is pretty much as exciting as we get on the island we went to the Nairobi National Park and got a tour with a friend of a friend who works there during our short stint in the city. It is an orphanage for animals that are rescued from various situations all over Eastern Africa. We all loved getting up close and personal with the animals. Here are some of the highlights….

this monkey grabbed our camera, luckily Jason had the wrist strap on šŸ™‚

Me petting the cheetah…could I smile a little bigger?

A Papa & his little girl

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG! What a great place to visit, and the videos are fantastic. I won’t show Daddy, cause he’ll want the lion. Incredible pictures, and the man showing you around really loves those animals.