I think in many ways Annikah is more grateful than I am. At least in the way that she seems to always appreciate the simple things in life. Like for example give the kid a fruit snack and she leaps for joy. Buy her an ice cream cone and she screams in elation…..maybe she is just too motivated by food (wonder where she gets that?). But really most days she has a very thankful heart. Today she looked down at her knee that has a few week old scrape on it and reminded me “Mama, Jesus heal that” and then looked up into the air and said “thank you Jesus heal Annikah’s knee.” I need to do that more often. Sure, I constantly am reminded about the wonderful blessings in my life but how often do I stop right then and thank God for them? Right in this moment Anni and I are thankful for some great friends we have here. Annikah always thanks Jesus for “Annikah’s new friends” when we pray at night and I wanted to post some pics of her chilling with her new marafiki. Thank you Jesus for bringing us friends here. May we bless them they way they bless us!

playing dress up with the daughters of our team leader

(Annikah evens get to learn a bit of German from them)

Naidya and Annikah

Anni shows Sheja what Elmo can do

More wazungus.. Anni loves these girls!
a friend and her son from our neighborhood (this pic cracks me up…1. I am a wet mess b/c Miss Anni was splashing me & 2. Mama Kasim looks like she is miserable but seconds before this was taken she was laughing, I swear! Culturally here they always prefer to be “serious” in pictures. It is so different.)
  1. Anonymous says:

    I am also humbled every day by Gillian’s perspective of the world. I am convinced that it’s no accident when kids arrive in your life to remind you of how precious each detail is…Annikah is such a sweet, sweet girl.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anni melts my heart with her sweet faith. Also, it seems she is a social butterfly just like her Mama!

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOVE this =) i’m so happy that anni (and you) have some great friends.you and anni have almost singlehandedly changed my mind about wanting kids someday!miss you!love!jkw