On Saturday we attended a b-day party for Anni’s school!! The co-op turned 1 this week so the new teacher wanted to celebrate with all the kids and parents and it was an amazing day. Local acrobats performed, kids got their faces painted, decorated their own cupcakes, and searched for treasure on the beach. What more could a party for 2-4 year olds need? Our teammate Paula joined Annikah and I since our crazy husbands got up at 5am to go on an epic fishing trip. After the party we stayed to use the new pool the hotel next to the school just built. Unfortunately we cannot usually use this one without paying a steep price but since the party was there they let us in for free just for the day and we happily took the opportunity to wear out our welcome. It was a blast. I am again reminded how exceedingly grateful I am for the opportunities God has provided for our family here.

local acrobats..amazing (we see them practicing on the beach all the time)

Anni shows off her painted face!

Fahad (on the left) decided butterflies were not for boys he went for the much more manly chicken šŸ™‚ painted on his face

The treasure….party hats and balloons

Anni & Paula

we enjoy the pool (thanks Gma for Anni’s swim suit..she LOVES it, like everyday “me want to wear Grammy swim sup”)


  1. Anonymous says:

    She looks darling in her Grammy’s swim sup! The huge dog was so cute, but how hot they must be in there? Looks like a great time for all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey rox! those acrobats remind me of the ones we saw at that lodge on safari – do you remember? crazy!