It is really incredible and to my Western personal space lovin’ self a bit disarming how people get around here. There is never a limit to how many people (or stuff) can fit in any small defined space. There are many creative methods of transport here and I have collected a few pictures of the ones I have seen recently. Of course we have our car but there are numerous other transport options available although many are “at your own risk” we do like to travel local when we can. I have taken to running quick errands on Jason’s bike because even though you get mad sweaty and riding in a long skirt is a bit of a challenge it is fun to chat to people. Last week riding to a meeting I was so into greeting people that I went full speed over a huge bump in the road and lost everything out of my basket. Immediately about 4 people stopped, one even jumping off the back of a car, to help my crazy Mzungu self pick up everything. There is just such a sense of community that I really appreciate. When we get on the Dala Dala and people see that I have a heavy market bag and Annikah there is always someone who helps Anni on. By far Annikah’s favorite way of getting around is the Dala Dala (public bus-ish). I can seriously bribe her with a Dala Dala trip and once on the crammed bus she says constantly “Mama, me no want to get off this Dala Dala.” I think it is because so many locals love that A. she is a pretty adorable and rare Mzungu kid B. she speaks a bit of Kiswahili and likes to charm everyone so she gets a lot of attention. Although we live on an island we definitely get around!
Anni waits patiently for the Dala Dala
(notice her baby tied to her back ALWAYS) Annikah rides the packed Dala Dala with some new friends

we could always hitch a ride here….

how many people & stuff can you fit on the Dala Dala…it seems it is similar to the Tootsie Roll, the world may never know…this one was actually swaying it was so heavy

that is a guy on a bike with a tiny cart hauling 2 chairs and a sofa!!! Yeah, on a bike!!!
  1. Anonymous says:

    That Dala Dala looks crowded!! What do they think of you not covering your hair? I’m just curious about that type of thing….Love the baby on Anni’s back!!Kim Wheaton

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Kim, thansk for yoru question, I guess I never answered that, many days I actually do cover my hair with a bandana just becuase of the heat & dirt but I do not wear a head covering becuase it is not law her (although some are trying to make it law), the biggest reason i do not is after getting here we asked many people (Other ex-pats, locals at our homestay, etc) becuase we wanted to respect the culture while also not pretending that we are not different and what we learned is that people would question my intentions (might think I converted)since they know a Mzungu woudl not normally wear one. I do wear a head covering if I go to a special event though and I usually carry a scarf “in case” To make sure I am being sensitive (and stand out a bit from the tourists they see here) I always wear long skirts (sweaty legs:) and cover my neck and shoulders (IE, no tank tops ever) in fact when we go to tha mainland later today I can change after we arrive into pants and a tank top and I am gonna be sooo excited!!:) LOve you -kiss the girls for me!!