We actually did not wait up until midnight last night as our days of partying past 10pm ended when we became parents. Yeah, we are lame. But we did have a fabulous New Year’s day on the beach with a family from our team.

Maji (water) is one the first Kiswahili words we all learned, I guess because we live on an island and life vibes with the tides. We headed out to a local beach this morning only intending to be out for a couple hours and come home after lunch but we had such a blast that we stayed all day. We were exhausted by around 4pm. Annikah feel asleep within 30 seconds on getting in the car even over the bumpy roads and my skin is a wonderful shade of red but it was worth it. As we were swimming and actually enjoying the heat we were reminded that last year we also jumped in some water but the experience was not quite as relaxing. Today the sun was joto cali (hot & strong) and the water was so refreshing. Annikah loved hanging out with 3 other girls and collecting shells all day and we do love the beaches here (plus it is about the only thing you can do for fun that is free). We had a blast and looks like we are making a family New Year’s Day tradition regardless of climate. Hope your 2009 brings joy, peace, love, and a little maji.


  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s good to know how you spent New Year’s. Sounds like fun!! The Engstrom clan in CR met at JoMarks for brunch – I brought a fab new recipe that Jason (maybe even Roxanne) would love – chili eggs – an egg dish with green chilis and a pound of Monterey Jack cheese in them. You were missed -We tried to skype but you may have already been in bed (it was 12:30 PM here). Happy New Year