So, I am not known for my self control. In my defense I do tend to have self control on the BIG stuff like say, not doing illicit drugs and resisting the urge to carjack. But on small stuff, forget it, notta. Evidence of said lack of self control: Stateside if Jason brought Oreo cookies he was required to hide the bag somewhere in the condo that I could not search out even in a desperate bout of PMS. This was necessary as he can happily enjoy 2 cookies while I would ravage the entire row (ok, box) leaving only crumbs and guilt in my wake. This lack of self control is especially true with presents, I am notorious for needing to open all gifts the minute, no second I receive it, like rip the thing open at the post office or at the bottom of the stairs before I even brought it into our condo. This is true with giving gifts as well as receiving them. I always struggle to wait to give someone their gift until the appointed time as I just love to watch people open gifts. I am sure there are deep emotional reasons for my issues but for now I will completely ignore them and eat more Oreos (blast!! I cannot get Oreos here)!!!

Well, today I am taking small steps. Today I am admitting my issue of no self control and bravely stepping out in faith stating that I can indeed overcome. Plus, Jason is making me.

Today we picked up two boxes from the post office from our fabulous families full of Christmas goodies and I am not opening them until Christmas. Even typing that is painful but we really want to have a special Christmas celebration as a family and we would love to open some presents together under our terribly pathetic Charley Brown tree*. Since we are flat broke that is where these great big surprise party-in-a-box packages come in. So, the experiment in self control begins. Day one….so far so good, although they are calling me from the other room…..we shall see about tomorrow. One step at a time.

“open us Rox, C’mon you knwo you want to..”

*we actually found a tree here at a tourist shop in town and since my grandparents (thank you so much GGma &GGpa K) sent us a check for Christmas we decided to get the smallest tree (thus cheapest) and one string of obnoxious, epilepsy-causing-blinking lights, and some tinsel so we could have our very own “mti wa Krismasi” Anni enjoyed decorating it with homemade ornaments and special cross she made for the top.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Anni looks so proud of her little tree. She was excited to tell me about it and the box under it when I called. So wish I could have her and all of you under my tree…

  2. Anonymous says:

    There could be food in those boxes! I think you should open them up~ ! hehehehe.