Yesterday after we came home from errands Annikah returned to find her friend happily covered in mud. It was ground henna from a tree in our yard and she had it on her hand and both feet and was pateintly sitting on a kiboe (a local stool) waiting for it to dry. The family attended a hurusi (wedding) and henna is usually used for celebrations. Annikah turned to her friend’s Mama and said “Me kama rafiki” meaning “like friend.” Mama burst out laughing and said if Annikah wanted she would do her feet as well. So Annikah got a pedicure, local style. She sat on the little kiboe and Mama covered her toes with the ground henna and water. Annikah was definitely not as patient as Mgoray (who waited an hour) and wanted to wash it off within a half an hour to see the results. Luckily she is a lil’ white girl so the dye worked pretty quickly on her skin. It was so adorable to watch the two of them be excited together…..girls are girly no matter where they live.

the girls sitting waiting for the henna to dry

henna covered feet

Mgoray’s hand after
  1. Anonymous says:

    i’m going to be getting henna’d for my cousin’s wedding!