A few months ago some amazing friends that shall remain nameless (ok, Jim & Dre and Tim & Chloe- THANK YOU!) sent us an email telling us that they had booked us a day trip to a nearby island. We were so grateful but with everything keeping us busy we had not found the time (and a babysitter for Anni) until now. Suddenly after getting kicked in the butt for a few weeks with sickness we had a new sense of urgency about sitting on a beach chair and eating food we did not cook or clean up. Rockstar award recipients Julie & Alex watched Annikah for the entire day so we could enjoy some time sans kiddo. We took a boat over in the morning to a tiny island, it is so small that at any given time there is less than 20 people on the entire island. It is a protected reserve and coral park and it is well known for eco-tourism. They use all green energy (no electricity anywhere) and it was amazing to see how everything worked. Even though we were only staying for the day they let use a bungalow (it is low tourist season).

check out the solar panels on each bungalow

The solar panels on each bungalow powered everything: lights creativity nestled inside of coconut shells, a fan, even a solar powered flashlight! There was a compost toilet that had us enthralled for way longer than I care to divulge here.
compost choo: wicked cool!
We went snorkeling with a few of the tourists that were staying on the island and saw coral and fish as far as the eye could see. Jason even spotted a blue spotted stingray and dove down to see it and try to bother it out of hiding. When he tried to get me in on his little plan I quickly turned him down noting that would happen to me “woman goes to island to relax and gets killed by giant stingray.” I told ‘malaria boy’ that with his recent assortment of bad luck I would steer clear as well but you know boys and shiny things…
After snorkeling we had a yummy lunch of local curries and fresh fruit followed by amazing lemongrass tea.
lunch overlooking the water
After eating I had a date with a lounge chair and a book. It was fabulous and remarkably quiet there. After having Annikah I have never again taken for granted quiet moments to just lay like a lazy bum, do absolutely nothing but smell the sea air and feel the hot sun on my skin, it is truly a gift. After making sure all the calories we had consumed settled in we decided we had to explore a bit and hiked up to the top of a lighthouse. We laughed the whole way up noting that there is no way this structure as shady as this would be open to the public or deemed as safe to climb but we made it and the view was more than reward for our efforts.

the stairs leading to the top

view from the top of the lighthouse, not bad huh?

All too soon our day of sun and sloth came to end and we took the 45 minutes boat ride back talking with the local boat drivers the whole way…it is awesome to actually be able to communicate now. It was a blessing to get away from daily living stuff for the entire day and just relax and take it in; we are living in an amazing part of the world, even if some days we forget it. To quote the great and enduring Ferris Bueller, “if you have the means I highly recommend checking it out.”
solared power chic….Africa style

time just to think…a luxury not to be taken for granted

coconut crab…nasty lil dudes
  1. Anonymous says:

    How amazing! So glad you had a day to escape the trials of the last few weeks. I know that after having children, you never have time to just relax or think about yourself, because even when you are not with them, they are in your heart and you worry. And you eventually wish they were with you after missing them for a few hours.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I need one of those days on a tiny little island. Looks awesome. The photos are fantastic. Although I chucked when I saw Jason in such a beautiful setting with a Cubs Win tee on. IT was like a biff upside the head. Jason’s looking thin. Is he ok now? I hope so, poor kid.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What an awesome day, Rox! I’m so glad you and Jason could get away alone for a brief moment. Hope it was refreshing!

  4. Anonymous says:

    yay! a little vaca! i want to think of something cool like that to give you! what do you want? give me a hint =) i still have my eye out for the things on your list and am waiting until the sales hit bottom so i can send you the most BANG for my buck! oh, and thanks for the addition of the tanzania time clock on your page! that’s super fun.love you!