some haiku’s in honor of those who recently made our day by sending packages…

the worsts’ are the best

sent Halloween & dress up

how fun to share it.Aneeds & Studees
corn tortillas to make chips
our first time since home

Grandma sends backpack

plus coffee, jello, hairspray

random fabulous

*Asante sana!! It means so much to us! Annikah cannot wait to give the new baby the Aneeds sent to her rafiki for Christmas (I had to tackle her as she almost made it out the door with it after opening the package because she is so excited). Thanks again for all the reminders from home!a video introducing our kitty, saying thank you Grandma, and proving that Miss Annikah is quickly recovering from her burned feet:

  1. Anonymous says:

    So glad she likes the backpack! Paka is darling! Do you need any RX for the kitty? Anni’s hair is getting so curly! Sure love hearing that cute little laugh!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So cute!! lil princess Anni and her rafiki princess.Cute kitty too. Hey, after you do that language school, you need to help me bc I’m moving to the border of Tanz and will be only speaking Swahili!!