Annikah has a good friend Aislin (mostly because Mama has a great friend Beck) and Annikah LOVES to talk about Ais when Ais is not around (she gets too shy when she actually sees her and is completely silent). Anni is always saying “Aisy house….babies….park” Translation: I want to go to Aislin & Indigo’s house because they have TONS of babies and baby paraphernalia plus a kick butt swing set in their backyard. It is pretty much a pimpin’ kiddos house. Anni shamelessly picks her friends for what cool stuff they have. This week Beck brought Anni a cupcake and since I did not want her to have a sugar high right before nap I saved it for later but was sure to tell her that Beck, Indigo, & Aisy gave it to her. I recorded her brief thanks to Ais as proof she actually does love talking about Ais. (Beck- i finally got it on camera before we go šŸ™‚ And since we are going to miss Aislin’s B-day tomorrow I had to post this in honor of Ais. Enjoy Aislin!