Anni & Charlotte

On Sunday Anni & I needed to make ourselves scarce so Jason could actually get some work done without someone following him around pleading “papa, up….papa up.” Our small group from church was serving at MidSommer Fest in Andersonville so we decided to head over and hang with the kids in the new nursery and Rock Star award recipients Beck, Rob, and Kim who were holding down the fort (quite a task with 6 kids running amok during the witching hour*). It was awesome to finally see the new Family Life Center that First Free has been raising funds for and working on for the years we have been there. The kids explored various rooms and we followed behind being sure to pick up anything in their wake. Watching these toddlers run through the space that was so drastically different even months before was a reminder that change is good, it can prepare the way for new challenges, new relationships, new opportunities. That is my prayer for First Free, a place where we have found an amazing community of people, a place where we have been challenged in our walks, a place where we have learned to serve and love, and grow; that the new space would be about dreaming big, about serving and loving the community and would welcome even more kids to run amok in the halls. Before heading out the kiddos had quite an after hours dance par-tay (see video)!! On our way to the car (parked at least a mile away) Anni and I strolled through the crowded festival and it was cool to see our church’s booth as they were giving away compact fluorescent bulbs and raffling off a rain barrel this year; way to go green First Free!
*the witching hour is what I call the time after nap until bath or bedtime, usually around 4-7, that is mostly categorized by unreasonable melt downs and general emotional outbursts for no apparent reason.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE the video, I will have to show to JP tomorrow. Isn’t funny how early white men learn to dance badly?? Thanks for posting šŸ™‚