Every year in Rogers Park there is an annual Artist of the Wall event where people paint the bench spaces along the lakefront and for the past 5 years or so Jason and I have walked past everyone painting and said “we should do that one year.” In the spirit of not wanting to regret not doing anything before we left, we decided this was the year.

Not that we did not have a billion other things we should have been doing but we felt creatively inspired and decided to check it out. Last year we went the morning of the event and were turned away because there was no spaces left. This morning we went for a coffee run (we sold our coffee maker at our moving sale) and took a stroll along the lake. We saw the organizers setting up and ran into some friends from the neighborhood who were preparing to paint and were informed the theme this year was “Winds of Change.” We immediately thought we had to see if we could snag a spot as winds of change is just too perfect for us right now plus it would be our chance to leave our mark on our lovely little ‘hood before we move. After inquiring we entered a lottery and after waiting through some mixed messages and disorganization (yeah Chicago!) we finally got our spot, a nice small-ish step spot right in the middle). After hurrying home to collect some art supplies and sketch out an idea we returned with determination to get a much done as possible before Miss Annikah either A. melted down or B. needed a nap. We were able to enlist an artisy friend (thanks Jill!) and began painting. We decided to paint Chicago on one side and Africa on the other with a cross separating the two. We then painted constant on the cross and winds of change in a breeze over the entire picture. It was our way of representing that Jesus is the constant amidst all of our change. Annikah LOVED painting (no surprise) and really got into it.

She was so enthralled with expressing herself through acyclic that she skipped lunch (Yes- that is how into it she was) and we actually had to drag her away later in the day after she put her finishing touch of her hand print as the palm tree leaves) for fear that she would stay out there adding leaves until she died of heat exhaustion. She helped to paint the sun, all the dark blue waves, and some clouds. Here are some pictures of our masterpiece. I also included a video (Jason is the master of the camera who shot most of it sideways but you get the idea though). We enjoyed our sweaty and creative day, we love our little neighborhood and if you pass along the lakefront path this year stop and think of us and our winds of change.


  1. Anonymous says:

    wow — i’m so impressed with your art skills. that is such a neat thing.. i’m so glad you did that!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is quite the masterpiece! I have a feeling we won’t actually “see” you guys before you leave. I hope the trip has few bumps and goes well for you all! You are brave, amazing souls!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rox-We stopped by after dinner last night to check out the new art and saw the finished product! Ya’ll did a wonderful job-and GO ANNI! What a special thing to do as part of the farewell! We’ll see you Wednesday!

  4. Anonymous says:

    good work guys! it turned out GREAT! (despite my drips and not much help…)i love it. i will think of you every time i walk the lake front =)