In addition to packing. organizing, and cleaning we decided we also needed to make sure to say a proper good-bye to our city & our amazing friends here.

So we embarked on a series of general frolicking & merriness around town.

First Stop: Millennium Park

On Wednesday morning Anni & I tagged along with some Rogers Park Parents downtown. After watching a free Wiggle Worm sing-a-long (Zella, Jonah, & Anni grooved to the music) and having a picnic lunch with friends we checked out the fountain. It was a big hit with Annikah who mostly enjoyed running straight into me and splashing (see video- my favorite part is the girl screaming in the background :).

Annikah loves the fountain!!

We rode the CTA home with Manda & Zella (Zella slept the whole bus ride to Rogers Park while Anni snacked and caught up on fake phone calls). Jason got a lot done at home and Annikah and I enjoyed a beautiful and sunny day with great friends in our fav city.

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh my goodness! that picture of anni in the fountain with her hat is PRICELESS! i love it!