I thought after my reflection I should take some time to showcase what Miss AJ has been into sine things have been so chaotic around here. It has been quite the challenge keeping her occupied and safe with packing, purging, and the house sale. She has found many interesting things to play with….

After I cleaned out the bathroom and left the throw away box in the hallway for a few minutes I found her playing with the hemorrhoids pads I had purchased after she was born. While I realize that may be TMI for some of you (hey having a baby messes you up šŸ™‚ I just had to post the pictures of her happily trying to twist off the lid. She added the chain around her neck to make herself appear hardcore, kind of the “don’t mess with me, I’ve got ‘roid pads and a steel chain, Boo-Yah.”

While cleaning out her room I found a small pair of tap shoes. I am unsure of their origin, they just sort of appeared but Anni quickly figured out that they make noise and she was lovin’ it.


She also loved dancing in her diaper one morning while we packed up the kitchen.The old keyboard was a big hit as well.


During the Moving sale it was difficult (read here virtually impossible) to keep her amused but after we brought out her car she had a blast riding up and down the sidewalk. When that got old she insisted that I ride while she pushed, “Mama sip (sit), Anni push.”

I knew it was a bad sign when she grew quite while I was folding laundry in our room. I walked in on her in the bathroom carefully taking out every band aid and dental pick (do not ask me why we have a Costco size bag of dental picks?) and joyfully tossing them in the air. When I walked in she quickly handed me a dental pick and said “mama too?” I guess she figured the rest of the place is in complete chaos why not this room as well?

  1. Anonymous says:

    So cute! I love the videos šŸ™‚ She really can dance!! BTW, who makes toddler sized tap shoes? How crazy!