I know this because Miss Annikah is a quirk-ster. The more you get to know kids I have found that pretty much all kids (like all adults) have their idiosyncrasies. I cannot talk here as I too have plenty of my own like carrying hot sauce in my purse, a habit I picked up living in Atlanta.
One of Anni’s little quirks is that she thinks that whenever you wear sunglasses you must also don a hat. This has now become a strong belief of hers as evidence by her complete outrage if she puts her sunglasses on and there is no hat in site. I am sure she got this impression because when she was littler I would usually cover her bald head with a sunhat and that happened to be when she also wore sunglasses on our long stroller escapades throughout Rogers Park. Here is her today in the living room insisting on wearing both.

  1. Anonymous says:

    No one could look cuter. She’s a diva, and doesn’t want the photo guys to recogize her. What style, a future Audrey Hepburn, don’t you think?