Happy Easter! We went out to the burbs to visit my family. On Saturday we drove out to Windsor Park Manor and visited my grandparents. My grandfather is home from the hospital and recovering well, he can walk a little and has a wheelchair to help him get around but he looks & feels so much better. They had a great experience there (nice people and yummy food) and are looking forward to moving in soon. While there we had an Easter egg hunt for Annikah and also stopped in to see Jason’s grandparents who also live there. After lunch and a nap we took Anni swimming at my mom’s gym and she was in heaven splashing around (great idea Mom!). Anni loved Easter, at least she loved repeatedly hiding the eggs all weekend, searching for them and then chucking them into the basket (there were many causalities), getting fun presents, and getting dressed up (such a girly-girl). On Sunday we attended church at Holy Cross and had a fabulous lunch after. Despite Jason’s crazy work schedule (he was working until 3am almost every night) we had a great time with family.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Rox – your grandpa looks freakin’ awesome. Wow. Glad to hear they doing well. Ahh, 3am working… you didn’t say doing what. You gotta lay off them booty calls girl. He’s only one man. ;-0

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rox:I agree with Beck, Grandpa Rohrback looks so much better than your last blog posts. Praise God!! Glad you guys had a fun weekend. See you soon.Laura

  3. Anonymous says:

    glad to hear your grandpa is doing better. crazy – we were probably only minutes from each other over the weekend. also i used to work in that dining room and kitchen and your right they have yummy food.weird coincidence – jesse as been working until the wee hours the last couple weeks also.