Today Annikah and I drove out to the burbs to visit my friend Jess (roommate in college at the infamous 54 E John street apartment) and new brand new adorable baby Fred (her hubby Stan that we also know from college Habitat for Humanity was at work ). We finally met the Worst baby and he is so sweet, so new, and so tiny. He has the new baby smell, exploding farts, those crazy reflex moves, and funny facial expressions that make you smile. I got to hold him while he slept for an hour and almost dropped him as he pulled a failing “i want to bungee jump” move. I am a bit out of practice with newborns but I can sling a mean yogurt drink and convince any toddler around to put their jacket on šŸ™‚ Jess did not beat me up or kick me out for my transgression but I attribute it to lack of sleep and needing another adult to hang with šŸ™‚

We got to chat it up about birth, breastfeeding, naps, stretch marks, lack of sleep, sex after baby (yikes!), friends, family, and mostly what is so wonderful and what is so hard about having a baby, and how crazy in love with them you are.
Even though we were visiting all day the time flew and it was a blessing to see Jess and the awesome Mama she is!
It was such a great day but the drive home took over 2 1/2 hours. As a result any warm fuzzies I had going after holding a sweet newborn (while not having to take care of him over night) were ruined by road rage, nonstop traffic, followed by the check engine and low fuel lights coming on. Annikah was so sweet and helped make a traffic nightmare as best as possible by being absolutely charming. We were in the car from about 4pm until after 6:30pm without stopping once. She ate the only food I had with me (sliced turkey and veggie puffs) and we sang and tried to make the best of it until we arrived home sweet home. Congrats again Jess & Stan!!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    i wanna see you and anni and jess and fred and lizzie and annalea and luca and gia and jamie and persis and all yous guys!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh no! Traffic nightmare! I am so sorry that is the horrible part about traveling between our two locals! We will have to figure out a mid way spot and meet there or you know, ban any traffic from coming out on the day we go some where. Thank you so much for coming – Fred and I had a ball and I know that drive stinks, thanks for the sacrifice and give Anni hugs for us! What a wonderful little girl.