My lack of posts this week has been due to many factors (babysitting every day except Thursday, working at the Chicago History Museum, and most of the all the flippin’ warm weather that I insisted on being out in every moment we were not eating or sleeping- Jason actually laughed at me Friday I was skipping in glee down Sheridan on the way to the park while many a passersby laughed and Anni clapped me on (at least she already knows I am nuts!)

On Thursday my mom came out to save the day yet again and watched Annikah while I worked downtown. She came early so we could visit the Kohl’s Museum (a Thursday tradition around here). We had a blast and although I forgot my camera there and did not realize its absence until we got all the way home another understanding (and probably equally frazzled) Mom turned it in prompting me to drive there and back twice in one day (so annoying but at least I could do the second trip sans Anni as Grandma watched her during her nap).

Jason is “on call” this weekend but we still wanted to get out as a family so since Wednesday I was searching for the Field Museum or Museum Science and Industry Museum pass at local library branches. These two passes are the much coveted after pass and since Chicago Public Schools spring break just started I knew they would be hard to find but I took this as a challenge! I called the two branches closest to out place about 15 times a day. The librarian at the Rogers Park branch would actually answer “no Roxanne, still not in sorry!” She was even rooting for me to actually get it as she said the average time those passes (along with the Aquarium) stay checked in is about 1 minute 30 seconds. After a dentist appointment on Friday I was heading home and figured I would try calling yet again and to my shock the Edgewater branch actually had the pass so I quickly yelled “I will be there in 30 seconds!” and slammed on my brakes and turned around as if I was in a action adventure film (ok, without the explosions, car wreaks, and tight clothes but humor me I am a stay at home Mama so this was a bit of excitement!) I parked at the one open meter and made a mad dash for the library and at last I had the pass in my hot little hands. I walked in and told Jason he must bow to me as I am the queen of all things free, he quickly acknowledged my status. We headed to MSI this morning and had a family day exploring (we even found free street parking). Anni’s favorite parts were any room with robots or mirrors and the exhibit where she got to throw herself against these large punching bags. It was a bit of family time and culture for all of us.

Kohl’s with Grandma “Just a little make-up. I make this look good!”

“Grandma, quit looking cute and drive this boat! Good thing I am wearing my life preserver :)”

” That will be $5.23 Grandma. Cash only please.”

Taking after Grandpa Rohrback?
Museum Of Science & Industry

“Hey, lil’ guy what is up? Your face is a little scary looking”

Mama & Annikah on a trolley car

Papa & Anni love the train story exhibit, she continually gasped as they went around (some of those may have been from Jason who was equally enthralled)

“Mmmm….I had eggs for breakfast!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel you, girl! I was out in it as much as possible too! Thursday I saw your mom walking Anni home when I was on the train after the Loyola stop (she was walking south on Lakewood up to your place), and I hung out with Gillian in our backyard till dinner. We’re getting so close! Summer is around the corner….so sooon….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jason – is right… mass transit is awesome. I bet he is already counting down the days till he is 65 & can ride for free!