We are finally feeling better. Annikah still has a slight temperature so we stayed home from Moms’ group but I think we will head out this afternoon and see how Anni does. The hardest part about this past weekend was watching Anni be so sad and not understand why. You just feel helpless that you cannot “fix” it. It was a good reminder that although Jason and I are blessed to have the role of caring and providing for Anni God alone can heal her. Added to my parental guilt is that Anni’s friend Gilly (Michelle’s daughter) who generously offered to watch Anni Thursday got sick and even ended up in the ER because of a high fever. I feel so horrible that Anni got her sick too. Jason and I prayed for Anni’s healing on Saturday and it was so sweet to watch her throw her hands up when we said Amen!! Thanks to everyone that called, emailed, or dropped off a get well treat. I have the best family & friends. We are on the mend and hope to be back in the action by tomorrow!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!