We are back after a crazy long week and weekend. I decided late Monday night to travel down by train to St. Louis to be with my mom, Grandma, and Grandpa as he had back surgery. Thanks to all who prayed! He did well, the doctor said he is ” a tough old bird.” More details about our trip later but for now I had to post a picture of the creative things you do to entertain a toddler in the waiting room of a hospital- Anni loved “the crazy blow up hand”! After getting back late on Amtrack Thursday night we left Friday morning for our church retreat. It was a great time of hanging out with friends and listening to God and although I would never call driving 4 hours in the snow with a toddler a “retreat” we are so glad we went. It was even more fun as many families came and the kids running everywhere was jubilant chaos (as seen below). Annikah adored the older girls in elementary school and walked hand in hand with them everywhere. I also really had a great time of prayer with some of my girlfriends and with Jason. More later…….Anni is up.

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow you have been busy. hope you get some time to rest after all your travels. sounds like the “retreat” was awesome.