We just got back from a fantastic eating out experience. You may ask why this event is blog worthy? Well, as anyone with toddlers knows all to well eating out with your little one in tow can either go smoothly or be akin to getting repeatedly kicked in the head. We have had both experiences but tonight she was awesome! Better than awesome. Charming and sweet and funny even (after our meal she even went over to another table and asked them “please” for some of their nachos not that I blame her -they looked good). We discussed why she was so great and besides the obvious reason of our amazing parenting skills šŸ™‚ we narrowed it down to a few reasons we will record for future reference 1. Timing is everything- we went right around her normal dinner time and did not give her snacks before so she was good and hungry and 2. we went somewhere where she was not the only kid and was noisy and 3. we ordered things that she loves like…salsa…here is a little video of her enjoying dinner out.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Straight salsa is hilarious! I guess the poor thing was hungry. What did the other people think when she asked for their nachos? She sure loves Chilis! Definately your little girl!

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is hilarious–she is too much! IS this Garcia’s?!?! WHo does not love this place?

  3. Anonymous says:

    OMG. She is def. not adopted. haha love it!