Anni has been up to more than beating up her friends lately. Her newest passion is Clementine’s and in case you ever wondered just how many of the small orange pieces of heaven one toddler can eat the record for Annikah is 6 in one day so far. I was not sure if I should be concerned about her consuming mass quantities of the little suckers (I mean it is healthy right? She could be downing chicken Mcnuggets by the 20 pack so I should count my blessings I reasoned). I even looked up side effects on the internet secretly hoping some official medical site would say “excessive citrus consumption by toddlers can cause them to kick everyone’s butt.” No such luck. In fact, the only thing I really found was that in pregnant women the jury is still out on whether it can cause allergies in the fetus and since Anni is not “with child” I figure we are a’ight. I digress, but she does LOVE the little things and beside the rather neon poop around here they seem to be causing no harm.
I made a little video montage in honor of Anni’s new obsession. I hope you enjoy it and have a Clementine today and think of Anni.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Grammy loves Clementines too. Maybe she got it from me. At least it looks like her nose stopped running since FL. Wish mine would. And she’s sharing, that’s good, huh? Love ya Anni!

  2. Anonymous says:

    My friends little girl is 17 months and she loves clementines too. And you are definitely right about the neon poop thing. I can’t believe those diapers after she eats them!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    so funny! Joshua HATES citrus. I give it to him and he spits them out. He did have a grape obsession yesterday, though! He ate probably 20-30 grapes in the course of 30 minutes! It was crazy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    i don’t know which is cuter…the pebbles spike or the baby signs. i think it is so cool that babies really can sign. and yay for anni liking oranges!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anni and I share the same obsession right now, only I’m allowed to have just one per day. So sad! Thanks for making me laugh as I’m trapped in the house for the day.