Jason’s Mom came out this week to visit and spend time with Annikah. Usually Anni is a little cautious with both of our Moms (I know so weird as they both spoil and love her) but this week it was not so, she even preferred Grandma Rho to me!

Highlights of Anni’s time with Grandma were: showing off her mad dancing skills at her music class, playing a game Anni & Grandma invented where you pretend to sleep on the couch and then laugh (yeah, folks that is the whole game but Anni wanted to do it 20 times a day and Grandma acquiesced: bless her),
sitting in a big girl chair in Grandma’s “office” coloring, stealing Grandma’s breakfast every morning even after chowing down on her ample pancakes or eggs,
reading books with Grandma and her friend Gilly, and singing special songs that only Grandma knows. I think her favorite activity was the hobby horse game (see video) and after a while Anni would even get very particular pointing to the knee she wanted to “ride”. To Anni it never got old but poor Grandma Rho is probably icing her knee as I type. She even made us all dinner one night; we love it when Grandma Rho visits! Anni (and us) already miss you!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jason’s mom looks so young!