Last night Jason (in cahoots with my bestest friend Jill and some other fabulous gals) threw me a surprise party!! And I was totally shocked! Jason is pretty good at surprises (some may remember our proposal story or when he took my to NY) but this one took me completely off guard. Back Story: Jill had called a few weeks back to see if we could do dinner and catch up. Of course, I said “yes” since we both agree we have outdoing each other for the “worst friend of the milenia” award because we have not seen each other enough, especially since she moved to Rogers Park. Jill came and picked me up at 7pm and we headed out to Cosy (yummy Thai food) but then before we got anywhere she said she needed gas. While filling the car my cell rang and it was Jason saying Jill must have forgotten her cell there and it had been ringing. Jill asked if we could run back and get it and I of course said yes (I understand the addiction to a cell phone like no one else and was sympathetic). We actually ended up parking her car and walking back to my place so I could drive (on my suggestion because of the recent crime wave in the neighborhood- more on that later). I even forgot my keys and had to buzz and as soon as I opened the door there were about 10 of my gal pals and Jason yelling surprise! He even ordered Garcia’s Mexican food for everyone and got me a cake from Swedish Bakery with marzipan (if you have never had this stop what you are doing and jump in the nearest car, ok make sure it is yours, and come over we have leftovers).
My friends also helped him make up a Roxanne trivia quiz (which Suzanne & Jill won but since they did not want to take the prize chocolates home we opened them and feasted on them, a suggestion by Unity who also started a campaign yesterday to be on this blog). So Unity, that is for you although I should consider bribes for more lengthy posts describing how beautiful, amazing, and fabulous she is (all true but hey, I am deep into Chicago style politics, so bribe on)! Jason quickly made himself scarce so we could talk and as is usually our conversations ranged from poop to in funny law visit stories to how tall Bono really is? They also gave me a scrapbook with pictures and pages from each person with encouraging words, accolades, poems, and thoughts, I of course; cried and it blessed my heart. There are so many more things I could say about the night but all I can think to express is my deep gratitude for my husband who knows me well and who seeks to serve and love me; what a gift! And for friends that would take time out to celebrate me and encourage me! I am one blessed birthday girl!

  1. Anonymous says:

    How awesome! I never knew. What a sweet thing to do for you. I have always known how special you are, and it is great to see others celebrate you too! See what an impact you have on so many lives. They will all miss you…..

  2. Anonymous says:

    HURRAH!! I got mentioned in the blog šŸ™‚ The party was so much fun–my face just hurt from laughing so much. Your hubby is an uber ROCK Star! Now what else can I bribe you with–hmmmm.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i’m sorry i missed the party. hopefully we can meet up soon!!