After sitting in the security bin and getting successfully through security (no small feat with mounds of baby gear)Annikah decided to wreak havoc on the plane.

Here is a brief summary of her recommendations for a fun & fabulous (for her) flight:

*be completely wired and refuse to sleep
*instead of sleeping jump from seat to seat, climb under the seats, and then repeatedly jump on the seats
*bang on tray table and when that gets old (approximately 3 minutes later): climb and sit on it
*grab and spill every beverage within your reach

*watch baby video for about 10 minutes on Papa’s laptop and fuss when it goes off repeatedly because YOU bang the keys

*pull window shade down then put it up (repeat 489 times or until person behind you actually feels sorry for us)

*eat various crackers and other snacks being sure to leave crumbs and “goo” everywhere

*cry because you cannot run amok down the aisle harassing perfect strangers

*throw pacifier (on the floor and at people)

*finally fall asleep 30 seconds before landing (and wake up as soon as I move totalling a nap of about 8 minutes)
*kiss those who are nice enough (or suckers enough) to put up with your shenanigans (Ok, this one is pretty darn cute)

We had a great trip and when I am a bit more rested I shall update you all more. But in case anyone had a flight soon I wanted to throw out Annikah’s advice! I remember a time when I used to read my book and enjoy my 2 hours of flight time, those days, like peeing alone are far gone.
  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL, good stuff. I loved the pic of Anni in the security bin. Poor little thing, with her black eye. =( She is getting more hair and looking more and more like a little girl now, instead of a baby. We are looking forward to your visit in a few weeks. Yay!

  2. Anonymous says:

    at least she is cute!

  3. Anonymous says:

    There IS hair on Anni head! Wow! Rox you captured toddler plane travel. It totally sucks. It gets better when their about 2.5. So just don’t plan any travel for another year or so! I hightly reccomend the video iPod. So sorry about the exhausting trip home! Glad you’re back!