This morning on our morning run Anni and I were enjoyed the cool breeze and the warm weather. We took our normal beach loop and headed back home. Then it happened. Right in front of Starbucks there he was: Joe Moore, the alderman of the 49th ward surrounded by some of his cronies. Now, as some loyal readers of this blog know we voted for the other guy for a number of reasons but mostly because to me Joe Moore represents a lot of what is wrong with politics; the city machine. Now, I must admit recently we did go to the neighborhood picnic sponsored by Joe Moore but that was justified by our never ending quest for free stuff, especially food (but we still have not gotten our ID card in the mail)! Back to the story at hand: So there we are coasting down the street and saying excuse me to anyone the wide beast of a stroller offends (we try to take side street or the beach to avoid this but as we approach home we take Sheridan). 99% of people simply move out of the way when they see us approach, some even smile or comment on the obvious cuteness of my baby. Not Joe Moore. He stands right in the middle of the sidewalk chatting with his roadie refusing to budge. I say “excuse me.” Nothing. I try again. Not even a look in my direction. He did not move or even ofter me some of his glossy full color brochures paid for with taxpayer dollars. Two more perfectly unsuspecting people just trying to get a cup of coffee to start their day had to go around him as well. Now, when he was running for reelection he would often stand outside the L stop near our house and greet people, handing out free coffee. I passed him twice with Annikah in tow and not once did he offer me coffee or even smile. I guess the coffee and the sidewalks are not reserved for the likes of a simple city Mom and her bambino. That is it: not moving for a Mama, no free coffee, no brochures: 3 strikes and you are out Joe Moore!
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    No way!!! How rude of Joe Moore. Not surprising, but still rude!

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    You know how unimpressed I am with him simply because of the foie gras issue. He has way too much time on his hands…

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    I was wondering why the heck he was out on that corner that morning. I passed by the spot with the full intention of snubbing the jerkass.