Jason (being the sweet and thoughtful hubby he is) gave me a gift certificate for Christmas for a local day spa to get a pedicure. I just got around to using it and thought yesterday morning would be perfect timing as Jason was working from home so I could sneak out during Anni’s nap. I have been not feeling that great since Wednesday (slight fever, chills, overall yuckiness) but keep hoping that it was on its way out. So I walked over to my pedicure appointment for a relaxing time at the spa. A perfect time to celebrate my almost 1 year year old and my being her Mom; or so I thought. Almost immediately after sitting down in the lovely padded seat with fluffy pillows and plenty of trash magazines to read (which normally I would have loved!) I started to feel sick…really sick. Like “where is the nearest bathroom?” sick. I decided I could pull through and getting this pedicure was the only chance I had to relax and just sit before the craziness of Anni’s B-day party so I was gonna stick it out. As the lady doing the pedicure made small talk and scrapped off about 3 pounds of gross running blisters I tried hard to be nice but was feeling worse and worse. Then I reached the point of no return….we have all been there. When thoughts like should I puke in this cup or try to run for it cross our minds. Well, I made it through almost my whole pedicure when I bolted and dashed out of the spa and puked all over the front of the building. I am sure everyone inside thought I had a hangover but no such fun proceeded this incident that is for sure. I wobbled back inside and called Jason to come pick me up as walking the 5 blocks was now out of the question. But I am happy (& probably crazy) to report that I went back in and let her finish my toes. So even with my pale white sicky-sickerson face I have fabulous looking toes! So much for my relaxing day at the spa!!

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