Howdy Partners! I love cheesy b-day parties & finally had an excuse to throw one!

Annikah & Joshua’s 1st b-day party hoedown was officially a success! It was nice and cool and the rain held off until just after everyone was heading off. It was a whirlwind of craziness but it was also so fun and a blessing to have friends and family share the day of celebration with us. God has been good to us this past year and Annikah has been the best blessing ever. We had fun gettin’ country! Here are some of the pics from today.
Highlights included: Anni’s hot pink cowboy boots that did not zip us b/c her calves are too chub (Mama has the same problem šŸ™‚,
our friend Rob bringing his guitar and singing with the kids, Anni & Joshua kissing , friends driving all the way from the burbs (some getting there 10 minutes before the party ended- sorry about the traffic-we love you!)

Annikah’s obsession with the giant stuffed horse

Grandma & Grandpa Rohrback being decked out in country attire (Cool duds!) ,

and seeing the mass of kids and babies! Thanks everyone for moseyin’ over to celebrate with us.


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