Maybe fame is pushing it but Anni is featured in the Chicago Sun Times today in the Lifestyles Section (p46-47, next to the Comics) as the “Budget Baby” (read here code for cheap). If you have a chance pick one up and bask in the glow of knowing someone famous (if you want to come over to get her autograph or even change her diaper it is by appointment only) :). The article is entitled 3 Babies, 3 Bottom Lines and is about 3 types of Babies: A Luxe Baby, A Mezzo Baby, and a Budget Baby. It follows the costs and lifestyle choices of 3 families and we are one of them. Although they chose the worst picture of me ever known to be captured on film the article is still pretty cool! During my interview and after I also was able to reflect and think about how blessed I am to be a part of networks of parents as well as have so many generous family and friends that indulge Annikah with great gifts and pass along awesome hand me downs to help Anni be the budget baby she is. So, all Anni’s fame (and lack of fortune) is in honor of you!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    way to represent those of us who live frugally – it is so awesome for people to hear that there is another way to raise kids! love ya!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This totally rocks! How did you come to be included in this article? Tres fab.Laura M.