So, when you run 12 miles in the middle of the day with no IPOD you have a lot of time to think and observe. Here goes….
thought…mile 3.5 …I love running, I am pretty fit to be running and training for the marathon and it is so fun to see the city. In fact, I am one pretty cool chick!
sight……complete toilet seat with the lid open sitting on Sheridan Road (no, I did not look inside!)
occurrence….mile 5…little brother and sister fighting run across my path and I almost make Asics tread marks on their foreheads
sight…mile 7…older man and woman walking along carrying jars of live goldfish (have no idea??)
thought….why is it that most of the people you see drinking Gatorade are doing nothing to warrant needing said sports drink (like, say, sitting on the grass eating a big fat burger..hard work I know)
occurrence….mile 7.5…almost get hit by bootleg ice cream VAN with silver rims (yes, folks that is right a pimped out ice cream man)
thought…..between mile 8-12..if you have chubby thighs like me you need to bring your Body Glide ( I, like an idiot forgot mine and now have chaffed and bloody thighs šŸ™‚
sight….everyone in Chicago is out along the lakefront
Occurrence…..finally I found a drinking fountain (the one before this one was busted) and a very attractive young MAN in a 2 piece swim suit let me cut in front- he has a better bikini body than I will ever have and was quite nice but I must say it took me by surprise!
thought……mile 11…..I HATE running, a man must have thought up this sport, why am I doing this? You know what would be more fun…hmmm? I know being run over by a Mack truck! Could I just take CTA the last mile home? OK, I guess I will suck it up, I got myself into this and maybe God will have mercy on me and at least tighten up my jiggly bootay.
mile 12….AH, I did it, I am a cool & sporty chick!*

*This ridiculous sense of self confidence can be attributed to the “runner’s high” one gets upon finishing a long run.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You crack me up! Way to go on the running & thanks for putting a smile on my face! Unity

  2. Anonymous says:

    ummm….it’s not the runner’s high! Lots of us think you’re a cool chick (and not just for being crazy enough to run a marathon)!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I laughed so hard at this whole post!