Anni is officially done with the boob. It all started a few weeks back when she dropped nursing in the afternoon. She just was too busy and seemed annoyed when I offered. She then gradually started nursing less and less at the times she would nurse. She still always wanted to nurse first thing in the morning (which was fine with me because my boob is always ready to go as opposed to preparing a bottle in my groggy state). But then this week she decide “nope, I am just done” and refused to nurse at all. She did it in a polite way, I should say, as she did not fuss or push me away (perhaps she was afraid of hurting my delicate psyche :). She just had no interest. At first I was worried and a little sad as it is one more illustration that she is getting to be so old (along with her recent forays into the world or art, story time, swimming, eating everything herself, and crawling)! I talked with other Moms and read up online and it may be that my milk supply decreased when she dropped a few sessions or that my recent training schedule has decreased my supply as well. Bottom line: Annikah is moving on and I am OK with that. She did get so many health benefits (not to mention cost benefits-formula is expensive and as you know we are cheap) by nursing almost 11 months. I am glad we stuck it out through the initial first few weeks of difficulties and that we had that special time together. But after a few days of getting used to it I am fine, even gleeful that I can now sport a regular bra, not have to always be on the look out for appropriate places to whip it out in public, yes, that is right I have my boobs back! I may even need to celebrate by getting a new bra. Plus, the girls could use one as nourishing Anni has left my boobs a mere shadow of their former, happy, and perky selves. Here is to accepting my baby getting to be such a big girl.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I fully endorse getting a new bra. It makes you feel like you have your old shape back (at least with it on šŸ˜‰

  2. Anonymous says:

    you are hilarious – yes i second laura’s endorsement! (think – now you can sleep in and let jason take care of anni on a weekend morning without even having to semi-rouse to nurse her)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jason: I just crunched the numbers. Roxannne saved (this includes less the amt for bottles, nursing bra, pads, etc) $1500 by breastfeeding Anni. I think it’s reasonable to allow her to spend only half that on a new bra! Go wild Rox! You deserve. Well done nursing your bambino. It’s a journey and you kicked it’s butt (in a good way)

  4. Anonymous says:

    just wait ’til you see the aftermath of nursing the second one….talk about your boobs being a shadow of their former perky selves…..very sad indeed.:)