We have been wanting to get beach chairs since we got married and keep putting it off in favor of other purchases (not that they are super costly but more that we are super cheap). We finally found the best chairs complete with neck padding and the ability to wear it as a backpack keeping your hands free to carry other gear. We got them up in Lake Geneva over the 4th and my mom saw that they made a kid version and insisted that she wanted to get it for Anni. We were skeptical. After all, we reasoned; why does a baby need a beach chair? But folks I submit this photo as evidence that Annikah loves her beach chair. She sat in it for about 30 minutes before fussing to go in the water. Aren’t we cute?
  1. Anonymous says:

    Anni looks so cute in her own little chair! Why would she want to sit in the hot sand, when she can be a big girl in her own chair….?