Today was just as busy but equally as fun as Saturday. Summer weekends just seem to fill up so quickly and before we know it is Sunday night!

Today we were church ditchers but instead of going to “bedside Baptist” as good slackers do we took an infant CPR class at Be By Baby. Before going Anni again protested her morning nap. Seriously, what is up with this not sleeping in the morning? According to all the sleep books she should still be taking a morning nap well into her first year. Today she was anti AGAIN. We won’t worry as of now but if she shows up tomorrow with picket signs or burns her teddy in effigy panic will ensue at Engstrom manor! She of course fell asleep in the car seat and we were able to do our first ever successful car-to-stroller-while-still-asleep transfer. This was a big deal as usually our choices are A. keep driving until she wakes up (but with these gases prices who can do that?) or B. wake her up and be prepared for the damage control. Today she slept in her stroller for almost half the class- fabulous! I used to be certified in CPR but really only paid attention to the bigger kids as that was what mattered to me at the time so we decided to take it together. The class was helpful and even though we hope to never have to use any of our new found knowledge it does offer some comfort and confidence for us first timers.
After the class we ran to Trader Joe’s (in preparation for our Ravinia concert of the Indigo girls tomorrow night) and headed home for Anni to nap at home. We she awoke after a brief siesta we headed out with Greg Foster and Charlotte (Nicole was at a jewelry show) to Aislin Anstee’s 1st birthday party. The food was fabulous as always and they had a bouncer that even the babies got to enjoy (see video). Another fun birthday party made great by awesome friends. We really partied it up this weekend.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d prefer that you say I presented at a jewelry home show, just in case anyone wants to then have a jewelry show! šŸ™‚ (This is Nicole by the way, as it would be funny if Greg was the premier designs consultant!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love all the pictures! Especially the ones with the girls – I want to see JamieRae next time! Being gone for most of the month had me doig alot of catching up with Anni! Hopefully now I can get my daily does on a more regular basis. We’ll talk soon about setting up a time to get together! By the by so jealous about the indigo girls!