This weekend was so busy but fabulously fun. We celebrated Jason’s first Father’s Day. The weather was perfect for getting outside and sweating and then swimming.
Grandma Rho was joined by the fun and crazy Grandpa Jim (who gave Anni sips of his lemonade, she now of course prefers this over her water). On Saturday Jason was off on the alpha retreat and Grandma and Grandpa went to Wheaton to visit Rhoda’s parents so Anni and I were all alone. We decided to hit the pool! All of the outdoor park district pools are now open and we checked out River Park. We met Beck and Rob Anstee and their adorable girls Indigo and Aislin. Anni is quite a brave little girl when it comes to water (something which may worry me more as soon as she becomes mobile but for now I love it). She loved swimming and even sat in the splash pad area with “the big kids.” I so enjoy being with other families and seeing all the kids at the pool. It is a reminder that at any given moment of being a Mom there are others experiencing similar emotions (rapture, frustration, elation, exhaustion, pride, embarrassment, and joy). Later Saturday Grandma and Grandpa returned and we headed off to Family Fest in Rogers Park sponsored by the Family Empowerment Center. It was a great event and Anni enjoyed tasting my ice cream and then snacking on the germ ridden plastic balls in the inflatable jumper. She was very happy sitting there watching the other kids jump around while she munched on the colorful but completely gross plastic balls- yum! She alos got to hang out with her buddy Charlotte.

On Sunday, after a breakfast of Swedish pancakes and a walk to the lake to check out the newly painted benches, we were off to church and burned up in the sanctuary with no air conditioning. Jason had a good prospective about this saying it allows us to experience a little of what our brothers and sisters experience throughout the world that worship every Sunday without the comforts of air conditioning: good point! After church the Dillman clan invaded and the boys (Mark, Jim, Jason) and Jorie were off to the Cubs game leaving me and Grandma Rho to hold down the kid fort. While Silas napped Anni, Joel, and I went to the beach. After the game (Cubbies LOSE:( we all had a cookout and then walked down to the beach. The kids loved the water and we were enthralled watching them. It is so fun to rediscover the wonder of sand running through your hands when you watch your baby fascinated by it. When we returned everyone was covered in water and sand but it was well worth it! These pictures are a sampling of our Father’s Day weekend!
One of the best things for me this weekend was when Jason turned to me while he was feeding Anni her apricots and avocado and said “thank you for having her and making me a Dad.” I was taken a back as I was cleaning the kitchen but it was a super sweet and meaningful, one of those times when you stop the busyness to just soak in the moment. Ultimately, God made him a father but I sure had a part in it! I so appreciated his gratitude. I also am so thankful for him, who he is as my husband and a father. He is still pretty new at this gig but I say he is doing a great job!

  1. Anonymous says:

    BEAUTIFUL Pics!!! Anni was trying to catch a wave-seriously cute… Sounds like ya’ll had an action-packed fabulous weekend. I love summer šŸ™‚