Grandma Rho is here from Iowa and we have been spending most of our time outside enjoying the weather. Today we walked down to the lakefront (after getting giant diet cokes paid for with change again) and then to a park right on the beach. Anni once again enjoyed swinging. She is a bit of a daredevil, loving to go pretty high even prompting Jason (“the protector of the monk” as he has dubbed himself) to ask “Can’t she fallout?” To which I replied “not with that heavy bootay holding her down.” We met a Mom of twins who were now just over a year old (adorable girls named Madeline and Mae). We stopped our stroller to chat with her and I had not yet strapped Anni in for our walk home. Right as I was congratulating this Mom on actually keeping two babies alive and well saying “I do not think I could do it, just one keeps me busy” my one proceeded to wiggle out of her seat and begin to fall through the stroller bar. Before anyone called DCFS I was able to successfully strap her in and avoid any injuries. The little girl wiggles like crazy. Highlights with Grandma Rhoda thus far include fun walks to the park, introducing Rho to the RPM gang, chillin’ in the baby pool, and sketchy stories about horse mating (I keep telling her SHE needs a blog to tell her fabulous and hilarious stories like my personal favorite when she took a group of 1st graders on a field trip to a farm and a cow pooped all over one of the kids, like shoulders to shoes- how funny is that?). Stay tuned for more of our adventures and mishaps with Grandma Rho this weekend.

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