We have always known our Annikah is brilliant. We have high hopes for her like any parent. Here are 2 incidents that show her outstanding aptitude. First, a few nights ago while Jason was reading Annikah a bedtime story he was showing her the animals featured in said story and pointed to the cat and of course said “cat.” Anni responded by pointing to Bonita who was walking by under the rocking chair. She connected cartoon cat with real cat (that she still rips hair out of daily)- WOW!
Second, yesterday she signed the baby sign we have been using for “more.” Of course, it was a little skewed but it was confirmed by both Grandma Rhoda and Jason. Of course, she wanted more animal cookies, that is my girl. So all this to say I submit these happenings as early evidence that our daughter is in fact Harvard bound. While we were marveling at her brilliance she stuck a Cheerio in her ear and we were a bit more grounded in reality.


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