J is back- yeah for us! He called the house bright and early at 6:15am saying he was outside the front door. It is great to have him back although he is pretty tired as he has know been up for about 40 hours (except the short snooze he took this morning when I took Anni out for a walk). He came bearing gifts (as any self respecting husband and father would who missed Mother’s Day would do). He got Annikah an adorable mini-sized sari and carved little elephant. He brought me a really beautiful top and a fabulous wool scarf. Jason is so thoughtful when it comes to gifts. Annikah looks so adorable in her sari and how many almost 9month olds actually have an authentic sari from India!

We all headed off to Charlotte’s 1st birthday party, it was an Luau theme (as you can see from the pic) and we want to congratulate Charlotte on devouring her cupcake: Well done Girl! We then took a quick dip in the Welles Park pool and are now at home enjoying the weather: off to walk down by the lakefront before Anni’s bedtime (I am pretty sure Jason will follow not too far behind her). Happy Saturday!