So, I am on my own for 2 weeks as Jason left yesterday for India (for a work trip). I am excited for him as well as admittedly jealous as I have always wanted to see India. We miss him already and I can’t help but thinking how much Annikah will change just in 2 weeks.

She is at that stage where she is doing something new almost everyday. Today she “fed herself” little crackers. When I say fed herself I mean sucked on the wagon wheel cracker until it was the consistency of lumpy mashed potatoes and then smeared it all over herself and the counter but still it is an accomplishment! Up until now she has been perfectly happy to let Mama feed her everything. Even looking at me like “you done lost your mind woman” when I try to let her do it. She also drank from a sippy cup with a straw today. I realize none of these “firsts” are anything to stop the presses about but I somehow feel like they are noteworthy because she is growing so fast.

She will never again sit up for the first time or roll over and my memory of these events is even fading already. I suppose your kids always grow and change and while you retain special memories of their growth the exact moments of every first slip away. My little girl is growing and it is altogether fabulous and sort of sad.

After I put Anni to bed last night I pondered what it would be like to never have a Papa that came home. Not just to relieve me but to enrich Annikah’s life and love her as only her father can. Not just to be Annikah’s daddy but to be my best friend and husband. I felt extremely grateful that our family is together and that 2 weeks apart is really not a big deal at all. Actually, the last time he was gone in California Anni and I got into a fun groove just the two of us. We also are going to St. Louis this weekend to visit my Grandma and Grandpa which will no doubt be a huge blessing! Many of my awesome friends have already invited us out to lunch, over for dinner, or offered to take Anni for an hour sans bambino if I need it.
As it is almost Mother’s Day (my first one “on the flip side”)I want to wish all mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you feel appreciated and grateful for all you have been blessed with! I know I do.
  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure Anni will change drastically for Jason in the next 2 weeks. Just think how we will feel that we won’t see her for 2 years or more.:(