A tyrant is defined as “one who rules absolutely, or a sovereign rules who uses power oppressively or unjustly.” I submit our experiences this morning as evidence that our dearest Annikah is in fact a tiny tyrant (of course we mean this in the most loving way possible).
5 am she awakens……at first just talking and fussing. We hope and pray that she returns to blissful slumber so we can too.

5:10am…….we turn the monitor sound off so we can just see the dreaded red bars and still hope she will drift off.

5:20am……at this point we have pretty much given up all hopes of falling back asleep ourselves as we can now hear her protesting from her room even though the monitor is off. We lie awake in our room discussing what we should do: Try to nurse her and put her back down? Bring her in bed with us and coax her to sleep? Realize our hopes and dreams of sleeping til 6:30am are shattered and get up and start the day? We are too tired and out of sorts to make this decision and lay there a while longer.

5:32am……Her protest has now turned to “You jerks better come get me! I know you are in there and I am up! How dare you ignore my cute self! COME GET ME NOW! (in the form of screams)” We acquiesce to her demands. Jason goes in and tries to rock her back to sleep which soon proves to be a feeble attempt. The entire time she is trying to sit up and play. Being the fabulous (and albeit guilt ridden for leaving us for the next 2 weeks for India) husband he decides to take her so I can stay in bed.

5:35am……. I finally succumb to the fact that sleep is over and hearing Anni and Jason play in the front room I decide to join them.

6:00am……We then decided that we should go for a walk so us parental units could enjoy some warm, flavored caffeine if we are going to make it thru the day. It is a sign that you are up and out too early if you wonder if Starbucks is even open- lucky for us they open at 6!

You know it is too early to be up when the only people you see are other bewildered parents, PJ’s wearing bitter dog owners, and those still up and drunk from partying last night. We enjoyed our walk and hopefully she will take a wonderful long nap this morning.
Just last night we were having dinner with some fab friends and discussing that our daily life is pretty much determined by Annikah. She laughs in the face of plans and throws “to do lists” out with her uneaten bananas. But we would not trade our tiny tyrant for anything!
P.S. We did discover an actual tooth this morning which may explain her early rising! It is tiny and just a little razor sharp, for now subcutaneous, tiny tooth on the bottom.
  1. Anonymous says:

    AMEN SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This made me laugh out loud. Our lives, too, have become molded to the will (and sleep schedule) of a 15 pound infant. She definitely rules to roost!It was great seeing you all yesterday and getting to know Jason a little bit better! Have a great week šŸ™‚

  2. Anonymous says:

    On our way home- Jason was asking my tons about your hubby’s art- they need to talk more. He was saying that it is so cool that artisans are alive and well and I say AMEN to that!