Yuck! Poor Annikah still has her ear infection- it is apparently a nasty one as the amoxicillin did not even put a dent in it. We went back to the Dr. yesterday because Anni still seemed to be upset and feeling yucky. So now Anni has some new (and expensive) medication that we hope will kick this thing! Today Annikah seems to be feeling much better. She took a good morning nap and has been rolling over like crazy and playing. Yeah!
I had to post this picture of Jason- yep that is right he decided to drink the amoxicillin that Annikah had left over. His reasoning: “I have fond memories of that pink stuff and I want to remember the taste.” Now that is taking the reminiscing thing too far!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Super yuck! I personally can’t get near the stuff as I am allergic and break out in hives all over.Laura