Our ward is having a run off election for alderman. Everyday we get phone calls asking us who we are voting for, knocks at the door trying to convince us to vote for Moore or Gordon, and multiple full color glossy mailings (that one only wonders the cost involved).

Looks like Annikah made her decision about who to vote for: Gordon for the 49th ward!

UPDATE: We are definitely voting for Gordon because today a Joe Moore roadie rang our buzzer super loud and woke Annikah up from her blissful nap! He lost my vote!
  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this! I was inspired and took a similar photo of elliot, printed off a quick black and white copy with our cheap-o printer, and dropped it off at Gordon’s office on morse this morning on the way to daycare. They were all sweet about it, and very “we love our neighborhood,” and it made me like Gordon even more. I’m feeling so attached to our neighborhood, these days! I really have a strong sense of feeling part of our community, and wanting the best for it. i hadn’t anticipated that this would be a result of becoming a parent, but it makes sense to me that it did. And I’m really enjoying it!