Today we spent Easter at my parents’ house in the burbs.
It was a fun time spent going to their church, eating way too much (as you can see anni enjoyed this part too!), playing Scene It, and mostly just watching Annikah be cute. She was gone all day and did great! No meltdowns and was happy to see everyone. Usually at my parents house she spends a lot of time fussing because of the chaos of a house filled with loud people and dogs but today she was a new woman. The crazy dog even sniffed her head and she just chilled on the floor and observed.
It is amazing to me how she is really becoming a little person. Jason and discussed this metamorphosis on the can ride home. Annikah has always been amazing but she is really starting to figure out who she is in this big world. She has preferences (some strong and she will let you know), favorite games, moody times of day, etc. They are all uniquely Annikah. She has such a personality now and it is so fun to watch her adventures in becoming Anni! I feel blessed this Resurrection Sunday to celebrate that Jesus does what He says He will do and can be trusted with our whole lives including my precious Annikah Joy!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Gotta luv those bunny ears! She’s a little bunny, not a monkey! What a blessing to have you all here. Even Dipty loved her.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what a cute bunny. We should totally photoshop their bunny pictures together and title it “Bunny Love”.Laura