Annikah noticed Bonita (our cat) when she was around 2 months old. Before that she couldn’t care less about her (really she did not care about much except boobs and being held). Once she realised this fast moving, soft and furry, noise making animal lived in her house she has been terrorising the poor creature. We captured a small portion of this on tape. Lest you think we are cruel to allow the cat to be subjected to Annikah notice that she can easily run away to any baby free areas of the house. But instead she stays and takes the abuse like a champ. The cat and Anni are actually buds. We cannot keep the cat out of the baby’s room. In fact, the other day Annikah awoke early from a nap and when I rushed in to see why she was upset I found the cat sitting on the floor next to the blaring CD player, figure that one out?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor Bonita. You’re lucky she doesn’t bite Anni, or has big bald spots. She better not try that in Africa with a wild cat!