Sleep training has been rough but I am elated to announce that Annikah has now slept thru the entire night twice! I was fearful of sharing this news with you when it was only once as Jason and I were sure it was some freak accident that would never happen again. But she has two nights of sleeping 7pm until 7am under her belt (or diaper)! I admit I was starting to doubt that the sleep training or “training torture”(for both her and us) would ever help. In my desperate moments at night I really thought I would still be getting up with her around the same time she goes to Kindergarten and gets her drivers license but praise God I was wrong. She is so much happier during the day (and so is her Mama)! Jason prayed the other day for us and asked God to help us have wisdom and for Annikah that she would be able to sleep peacefully. It seems like such a small thing but God answered and we are grateful. Now, I know there will be setbacks but for now at least we are rejoicing in our happy sleeping monkey!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yay Roxanne! You give me hope and courage to start this with Joshua soon. What a huge blessing for you guys! Love, Laura

  2. Anonymous says:

    yay! elliot is making progress, too, though we’re not yet to the 12 hour marker. but SO MUCH BETTER! everyone is feeling better. whew.can’t wait to discuss friday!